Who's Eligible To Become a Permanent Resident of the United States?

This article gives you an introduction to whether you might be eligible for a U.S. green card (lawful permanent residence).  There are numerous categories within U.S. immigration law which clearly define the persons  who can be green-card eligible.  You must fit into one of these categories to apply.  Each situation is unique and speaking with persons who are knowledgeable will aid in decision making.  

Eligibility Question

Green Card Possibility

  • Are you engaged to marry a U.S. citizen?You may be eligible for a K-1 fiancé visa, which would allow you to enter the United States in order to get married. Once you’re married, you can apply to “adjust status” (get a U.S. green card). 
  • Are you an immediate relative of a US citizen or a permanent resident?  You  may be eligible for a green card as soon as you can get through the application process, so long as your U.S. citizen/permanent resident relative is willing to petition for you and promise you financial support.
  •  Are you a worker whose skills are needed in the USA? Non-citizens whose skills are needed in the USA may also file to obtain a green card.  Only 140,000 workers are admitted each year and the preference category system is used. 
  •  Did you apply to the Diversity Visa Program?? You have a chance once you submitted an application,  the lottery is drawn once per year (50000 green cards are available each year).
  • Do you fall into the category of Asylum/Refugee?   Asylum and refugee status are available to those non citizens who fear that living in their native country would threaten their safety or subject them to persecution because of their race, nationality, religion, political stance, or affiliation with a certain group.