USCIS status services includes Document Preparation services.

Your green card is right around the corner. 

 A few of the offered services are listed below:

  • Preparation of government agency forms requested by the individual;
  • Transcribing responses to a government agency form that is related to an immigration matter but avoiding any advice as to the answers on said forms;
  • Translating information on forms to an individual, as well as transcribing the clients' responses back to the correct completed forms;
  • Securing supporting documents for individuals which may be needed for submission with government agency forms;
  • Translating documents from a foreign language into English;
  • Making referrals, without a fee, to attorneys and physicians for a client when needed for an immigration matter;
  • Arranging medical testing (including X-rays and AIDS testing) and obtaining the reports of such test results.

 We are prepared to do for our clients all that is reasonable and permitted by the laws that govern   
USCIS status in the United States of America.

We eagerly await the opportunity to serve you. 

  “For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.” – Tony Hsieh 

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